Employing Concept

      SEL is committed to the circulation areas and related areas (such as: integrated supply chain management, import and export, e-commerce, logistics and trade, etc.), turning into a well-known leading integrated logistics service providers for five years. Therefore, leaders of the company develop a human resources strategy to cope with the rapid development of the company.

     “People-oriented“ is the cornerstone of the company's human resources strategy; companies take employees as the most valuable and the highest quality assets in the development process.

Croniesstrategy, SEL values talented employees.
     “Fully authorized strategy”:employees through program selection and system evaluation, SEL will fully authorize to the appropriate extent, so that employees who want to and be able to work can obtain full resources and show their mettle.
     “Grow together”strategy:the company's growth and employee growth complement each other, SEL not only matches career development training and incentives for employees, but also shares with staff development results in the allocation and promotion mechanism.

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